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Beaconstone Eco Lodge
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Accommodation as good as home  

A small number of guests is ideal - we can learn your names, offer you our personal attention, leave less of an ecological footprint, and provide each of you the opportunity for a personal experience with the outdoors.

A small and friendly Hostel
The Beaconstone Eco Lodge sleeps 10 people, with shared facilities and a fully equipped kitchen. Nearby is the Mountain View Hut and Garden Hut, which sleep an additional two people in each.

Linen provided
All beds are fully made-up with linen provided.

Beaconstone Eco Lodge

Beaconstone Eco Lodge
Beaconstone Eco Lodge

Beaconstone Eco Lodge

Beaconstone Eco Lodge
Prices from August 2018

Double / Twin Room $110 per night
Single bed in (3 bed) dorm room $40 per night
Mountain View Hut Double bed $100 per night
Garden Hut Double or Twin $100 per night

Enquires for Group Bookings: please either phone or email us for prices.

ECO Facilities
At Beaconstone we care about the environment. We hope that you find our lodge a sanctuary for your body and soul. We offer you a natural home, sustainably designed from top to bottom. We sacrificed no comfort for ecological principles - our lodge is clean, very comfortable and breathable. 

Learn more about what it means to be Eco wise for Power,
Water, Kitchen, and Bathroom by clicking here!

"Feels Like a Retreat - You'll want to stay longer" BUG Reviews

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