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Beaconstone Eco Lodge
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The history of Beaconstone Eco Lodge  

The evolution of Beaconstone was organic and natural like the wild bush that surrounds us. While our vision was clear, our design plans shifted course and moved in unexpected directions.

We did not initially plan to design the lodge completely with sustainable materials, but simply wanted to avoid the toxicity of treated lumber. As we progressed further into the building process, sustainable design just made good sense. Why not design a composting toilet and experience the simplicity and self-sufficiency of solar power? It not only served our overall mission, but fit our way of life and our pocketbook, too.
Nancy and Grae at Beaconstone

Beaconstone Eco Lodge
History of Beaconstone Eco Lodge

History of Beaconstone Eco Lodge

History of Beaconstone Eco Lodge

History of Beaconstone Eco Lodge

Construction was certainly not an easy process. When we started this project, we believed that our pure intentions would carry us through to the end. Yet we faced challenges with the local climate, questionable new technologies, and effective local help. Would our power supply carry enough juice? Would our water storage be sufficient? And even if we did get all of these items working, would people actually come? At times, we felt that there was a hex on the place.

In the end, we built Beaconstone almost entirely ourselves. We were meant to do it. The lodge and every sustainable item within it stems from our labor of love and a manifestation of our dreams. We made a conscious choice to follow a natural way of life and we hope you can share our experience.

Major Beaconstones (commonly known as 'Milestones')

June 1995 Grae bought the property with a strong vision of the future but without actually stepping foot on the land.
March 1996 We first experienced our land together, and immediately began working on the resource consent for the local council
April 1996 Submitted resource consent, dug soakhole for wastewater, designed sewage plan, and built road around the perimeter of the property
April 1997 Built foundation for lodge, constructed frame, and put on roof
Oct 1997 Continued work on the lodge, put up siding
March 1998 Set up solar power supply
May 1998 Shifted direction: stopped lodge construction and started building our home on solar power alone
Jan 1999 Finished and moved into our home
March 2000 Opened lodge
May 2002 Received BBH rating of 96%

The evolution of Beaconstone: as organic and natural like the wild bush surrounding

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